7. Prohibition of discrimination

Any form of discrimination based on gender, age, religion, caste, social origin, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, membership of an employee organisation including trades unions, political conviction, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics is not tolerated.

8. Health and safety

Clear rules and procedures must be established at the workplace, and they must be adhered to without exception. Working methods and conditions that infringe human rights are not allowed.

9. Child labour

Child labour is forbidden. Child labour defined in national laws. The strictest of the standards set must be complied with in each case. Any form of exploitation of children is prohibited.

10. Forced labour

We have a zero tolerance threshold for all forms of forced labour.

11. Environment and safety

The minimum legal requirements regarding the use and handling of chemicals, waste and hazardous substances, emissions and effluent, and their disposal, must be met or – preferably – exceeded. Wherever it is possible and makes sense to do so, we promote the production of environmentally friendly products and/or production processes.

12. Packaging

Since it is already possible when designing packaging to avoid subsequent waste, 3C PharmChem requests its supplier partners to restrict amounts of packaging to a minimum. In addition, the company campaigns for the increased use of recycled materials.

Our principles

1. Standards

Our suppliers must meet our standards from production to final delivery. These demanding quality rules apply throughout the entire supply chain, and they include compliance with animal

welfare requirements, environmental aspects, and human rights. Globally recognised guidelines and monitoring systems help in this.

2. Quality

As a matter of principle we use and handle products in a responsible manner. The ISO TQM and 5S standards form the guidelines for our actions.

3. Integrity

Our suppliers are obliged to respect fundamental human rights and to comply with the respective applicable national laws. We insist on honesty and fairness in all business activities.

4. Bribery and corruption

We take a clear stance with regard to bribery and corruption: 3C PharmChem employees neither offer nor accept bribes or backhanders. We comply with all national and international laws and decrees concerning inappropriate payments to officials.

5. Social standards

3C PharmChem does not tolerate any form of exploitation at any of its suppliers, e.g. forced labour or child labour. At 3C PharmChem we place particular emphasis on these standards especially. That is we why refuse to work with suppliers, or to supply customers, who do not comply with these standards.

6. Laws

Applicable national laws and regulations, industrial minimum standards, UN conventions, and all other relevant legal provisions must be complied with, giving preference to the strictest rule.


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